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A Place For Your Little Ones

At Deerpoint, we’re proud to offer a dynamic children’s ministry called the Gospel Project. This unique initiative is crafted to provide our young members with spiritual guidance. Just before the main sermon, the children eagerly take part in the Gospel Project, where they learn valuable lessons designed for their age group. Throughout the sermon, the kids stay actively engaged, deepening their comprehension of the message in a way that’s both enjoyable and meaningful.


Connect With Others

Within our church community, we cater to the spiritual growth of adults through two distinct class options. The first is the Gospel Project class, which provides a thoughtful exploration of foundational faith principles. The second is a topical group, where adults come together to discuss relevant subjects without a set curriculum, fostering open and enriching discussions. These classes offer a space for adults to delve into their faith journey and engage in meaningful conversations that resonate with their lives.