Advent Candles

Christmas Trivia

What does the Bible say about the Christmas story?

Test your knowledge with the Trivia questions below

1. Who told Mary that she would give birth to God's Son

a. Joseph
b. Gabriel
c. Michael
d. Elisabeth

2. What was Mary's relationship with Joseph

a. Enemies
b. Cousin
c. Friends
d. Engaged

3. How did Joseph respond to Mary's news

a. He was happy for her
b. He didn't care
c. He thought to put her away privately
d. The Bible doesn't say

4. What made Joseph change his mind

a. He felt sorry for Mary
b. A visit from the angel of the Lord
c. He was a just man
d. Mary's family talked him into it

5. Why did Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem

a. This is were Joseph lived
b. To get away from the gossipers
c. To start a new life
d. To be taxed in Joseph's homeland

6. Where was Jesus born

a. In an inn
b. In a house
c. In a manger
d. In a palace

7. Who were the first people to hear the good news

a. The wisemen
b. The shepherds
c. Herod
d. The little drummer boy

8. How did they respond after hearing the news

a. They went to Bethlehem
b. They fell asleep
c. They ignored the news
d. The Bible doesn't say

9. What did they do when they left Bethlehem

a. They went home a different way
b. They kept the news to themselves
c. They stayed in Bethlehem
d. They told everyone they meet about the good news

10. Who was Joseph's (the husband of Mary) father

a. Obed
b. Jacob
c. Heli
d. The Bible doesn't say

11. Who was Simeon

a. A High Priest
b. A just man
c. A friend of Mary and Joseph
d. Joseph's brother

12. What was Simeon's interest in Jesus

a. He circumcised Jesus
b. He was Jesus' uncle
c. He had been promised by God to see Jesus before he died
d. He was Anna's husband

13. What did Simeon tell Mary

a. That a sword would pierce her
b. That Jesus would heal blind men
c. That Jesus would perform His first miracle at a wedding
d. That Jesus would call fishermen as His disciples

14. What was the name of the prophetess at the temple

a. Mary
b. Sara
c. Anna
d. Lydia

15. What did Anna do after seeing the Christ child

a. She lifted Him up to the heavens
b. She cradled Him in her arms
c. She kissed His face
d. She told everyone looking for redemption about Him

16. How old was Jesus when He left Bethlehem

a. 41 days
b. 2 years
c. 6 months
d. The Bible doesn't say

17. Where did Mary, Jesus, and Joseph go when they left Bethlehem

a. Egypt
b. Nazareth
c. Jerusalem
d. Damascus

18. Who are the four women listed in Jesus' genealogy

a. Rebecca, Rachab (Rahab), Elisabeth, Mary
b. Sara, Rachel, Ruth, Mary
c. Thamar (Tamar), Rachab (Rahab), Ruth, wife of Urias (Bathsheba)
d. Sara, Thamar (Tamar) , Ruth, Mary

19. Who came to Jerusalem looking for Jesus

a. shepherds
b. scribes
c. wisemen
d. Herod

20. Where did Herod send them

a. Jordan
b. Bethlehem
c. Syria
d. Damascus

21. How did the wisemen find Jesus

a. They followed Herod's instructions
b. The shepherd told them where to go
c. The angel told them where to go
d. The Star led them

22. Where did the wisemen find the Baby Jesus

a. in the manger
b. in the inn
c. in a house
d. in the temple

23. Why did the wisemen not tell Herod where to find Jesus

a. They were warned by God in a dream
b. They did not like Herod
c. It was to far to go back
d. They forgot about Herod

24. What did Herod do when the wisemen did not come back

a. He sent his soldiers to kill the wisemen
b. He sent his soldier to find baby Jesus
c. He sent his soldiers to kill all baby boys 2 years and under
d. The Bible doesn't say

25. Where did Herod send his soldiers to do their killing

a. Bethlehem
b. Jerusalem
c. Bethlehem and in all the coast
d. Jordan